Tuesday, May 31, 2016

 9 months old already and this guy is walking.  He's doing so good.  He kind of walks like a zombie with his hands straight out. It has gone so fast.  Hoping the sleepness nights will end soon too!
He's done with baby food.  I've been giving him everything we eat and he loves it.  He even does great with peanut butter, eggs and milk.  He eats way better than Gabe.  He realized regular food tastes sooo much better.  Silly kid!   


He is so much fun!

The kids love him so much.  We are so blessed. Time is going fast.  I can't believe he will be almost one soon.  We are so thankful for saying yes when our finances and papers tell us to say no.  Following God's plan is always better.  
Thank you all for helping us!