Friday, May 27, 2016

Cute kids

One of the Dr. appts. we had was for Miah to get a hearing test.  All was good there just a flap behind his ear that is open longer than it should be was causing the problem.  It should go away over time. He's been complaining about it for a few months so we finally got him in.

Thank you to our neighbors...awhile back they blessed the kids with their first dilly bars.  It was an awesome surprise treat.  Thank you.

This little star is some serious yummy goodness!

Jonah dressing up like Bucky.....We have some serious Nerf gun battles here. 

Festival food gift card buys....I think the deli and the bakery are their favorite things!

no judging that is a 2 liter of soda...we are not soda drinkers so it's a total treat.

We spotted this beautiful couple walking ahead of us.  Love when I see people holding hands.  You just don't see that anymore.

Our recent art projects...

Happy Thursday....