Thursday, June 2, 2016

10 things

1. Abraham's facial expression cracks me up.  These 2 are trouble sitting this close to each other.

2. Olivia decided to buy some flowers with her money and go out and bless others with some little vases.  Love this little ladies heart.

3. She was missing Dave so she wore his shoes for the day.

4. Her toe totally cracks me up and brings me back to high school or something!

5. Love this.  12, 11, 10...

6. Thanks for the Lego love...

7. This is what our days look like.  Some day we may need a bigger table.

8. Jonah made this delicious oreo dessrt. 
 So good.

9. This was a gift from the church for Abrahams dedication.  So thankful for an awesome church and church family.

10. This is what my creative little star made me for Mother's day.  Her creative buds never stop here.  She is always crafting and creating.

We are so blessed.
Have a wonderful day!