Wednesday, April 6, 2016

tears at the table

It was one of those weeks...ya know the kind where you wish you could rewind and start over. 

My birthday was even in the middle of it. My dad's too.  

I love everyone else's birthday but mine.  I was never a fan of any attention on me. Ever.

I appreciated all the love, cards, birthday wishes and wonderful gifts.

Just love spreading birthday love on to others instead.
The kids were bummed at first that we didn't have cake but we did the next day for my dad's birthday. 

They made their favorite.  Chocolate Reeses peanut butter cake.

  I could eat the whole dam thing.   At the rate the week was going I was ready too! Believe it or not but I've ate whole cakes problem.
All I did was ask for a 20 minute nap. Or a 10 minute break(in our house the bathroom isn't safe either) where no one needs me in the house and the rest of the house to stay standing.

Those days where it's gray outside and the sun forgot to shine for a few of them.

Sometimes in this season of life, I have a hard time keeping up with my responsibilities and sleep.

Satan is always watching and waiting....getting ready to pounce.

Yes our lives are messy but it does not define us.

I know that everybody has a mess somewhere.  We are all struggling with something or feeling like we aren't good enough in some area.

 God's love is unwavering and it never fades
Don't find your self worth in your failures.

Don't find your self worth in what others think of you. 
God is always working on us, refining us and growing us.

  He's always making me a better person. And you.

 We never deserve God's love  and grace but he dumps it on us in buckets full.

Over and over again.

We talked a lot about forgiveness and grace this week during school. Love how kids are so understanding. 

Us, bigs seem to feel like it hurts more than what they feel or see. 
He cares for me, he loves me and he always desires good for me! 

What an amazing God that loves us so intensely.