Monday, April 4, 2016

Schooling and Smiles

So when Gabriel is tired, he will pass out anywhere anytime. My brother always passed out in weird positions all the time when he was a kid too.  Wish I could fall asleep that easy!

We are still working on this little star sleeping in his bed and not in the swing. This little dude likes motion. I am ready to be done getting up every hour rearranging him. 

Jeremiah has come a long way with schooling.  I won't say that he loves(he's a like it kind of kid) it, but he's getting better at it. He definitely is my hardest one to stay focused.  He loves to just move at a slower pace than everyone else and just hang out and talk.  He's just happy with life in general and has no cares or worries. He keeps me from ever wanting to rush. Love this blessing of homeschooling.  It's hard for this momma to get things done on my time table this way though!  

Olivia has been making homemade ranch dressing for the past month and it's great.  She likes it on everything.  

This Frito bar dessert is to die for. Sweet can change the world.  It's 4 ingredients and super easy.  I could easily eat the whole pan and I'm not afraid too.  No shame people, no shame!

Odin chooses to school right along with this little guy.  

Bad lighting..cute kids

Little cakes in the house every Friday night at the Funk's

Happy Monday!