Monday, April 11, 2016

Imaginations, potatoes and fun

My little stars have been eating a ton of mashed potatoes and hash browns lately.  It's great because they do it all themselves. The stove is always on cooking something in this house.  You never know what you'll get if you come over.

This was our first asparagus for the season.  I was waiting until it went on sale.  So good roasted!

This little guy loves peeling carrots but more carrots end up in the garbage then peelings.  He loves to help.

We made these yummy beef and Swiss toasted sandwiches.  They were awesome toasted in the oven.

Olivia's planning a bridal shower with anyone who wants to come.  Lots of delicious sweets and a taste of fruit and veggies.  She is always planning and crafting something.

I love that Jeremiah is drawing and writing more.  It is a hard task that he doesn't like.  Playing is all he has on his mind.

Yes, Dave was able to snap one of me.

We love this parenting adventure.
We are so blessed.  
It's fun, wild and a bit hairy at times.
Have a wonderful Monday!