Wednesday, March 30, 2016

 thanks and bunny food

Can you tell she is not happy.  I think it's hilarious.  I asked her if she could sit in the cart and feed him so we could keep shopping.  It takes so much longer feeding a baby, pushing a cart and grocery shopping. This picture just cracks me up.  It was quite a scene getting her in the cart!

Teaching Abraham about reading.

Thank you for loving us.  The kids gift cards were a big hit with their little notebooks for budgeting.  They loved buying their own things at the grocery store. 

We love us some bacon and eggs here at the Funk's.  Every Saturday morning this has been our go to breakfast.

Love finding these little love notes at the bottom of Odin's math.  I told him love notes to your wife someday will be a big plus!

Olivia's beautiful would think she's a bunny or something.  (minus the milk and cheese)

She tried her hand at homemade granola bars which no one ate.  So guess who had to eat them?    She would bake all day if I let her but she doesn't eat half of what she makes. 

Happy Wednesday!