Monday, March 28, 2016

Tough Break 2...
 Olivia was complaining about her other wrist hurting a few days ago.  When we went in for the left arm they never really thought about ex raying the right arm because she didn't seem to show much pain.  After she mentioned it hurting the other day when she bumped it I thought we should take her in and get an ex ray on the other arm.  Low and behold that one was broke too.  Her wrist looked swollen but it was really hard to tell.  After the ex rays I kind of laughed and to be honest so did she.  She said really mom 2 casts?  She says, I'm totally getting it a different color.  She is a real trooper here and a tough cookie.  

 Writing is a tad hard for her but she doesn't complain.
Seriously this would only happen at the Funk's