Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paperwork and Happy Kids

Everything is rainbow in her world. She doesn't like math at all so I told her to write with something more brighter. 

No sure what this is that he made.  He just wanted me to take a picture.

Love how sweet little ones are when they sleep. We are working on getting rid of that paci for sleeping right now and it's not going very well.

We will be getting our finalization date in a few weeks(hoping for mid March). Please keep praying for the rest of the funds we will need by that date.
He's such a happy guy and so full of smiles!

Costco trip.  We love it there.  We can feed everyone lunch or dinner for under $10.

So he totally rolls everywhere now.  This is how we found him after nap time.  He looks like a turtle.

Emptying stuff  and cleaning out junk here at the Funks.  We went through 2 file cabinets full of papers and binders.  These binders were all holding different adoption documents that has accumulated for 7 years.  We had all of our Africa stuff in there along with our prior 2 failed adoptions.  There was a wave of emotions going through it all.  So many sealed formal documents and so much time and energy. It was good to go through and get rid of. 

We are finally done with the colds. Abraham just finished his meds for a respiratory infection.  I hated every minute of it.  I am hoping we stay healthy now for another year or so.  
I can't believe the snow is melting and spring will be around the corner before we know it.  
So excited for spring!