Friday, February 12, 2016

  Went to the WI Chiefs' conference and was able to have some real adult conversation.  In my world that doesn't happen much at all.  
Passed this huge guy along the way.
On my way there (driving our Honda CRV that was my dad's old car at 224,000 and still kicking) a little nervous with serious snow covered roads.  I was on the country roads white knuckiling it and came upon an Amish buggy up a steep hill.  Oh goodness...I slowed down and said a quick prayer.  It looked like the horse was really struggling.  It was one of those long steep hills where you want to go 100 mph per hour up and then fly for a few miles through the air and never die kind of hills!  I actually came to stop and took a picture.  Then I started to get stuck....then I finally made it over. As I passed them the kiddos waved out the glass window they had on their buggy. I love the Amish and so do my kiddos.

 As I was driving I noticed that I had passed all the gas stations on my right side(ya know because right turns are easier then left) so I said to myself that I would just get gas in the next city.  As I was driving my gas light was on so I went into preplanning mode for parking on the side of the road and walking to the nearest gasstation in yoga pants, ankle socks and tennies.  My dad always told me to dress for the weather popped into my head.  I thought crap..well at least I don't have the kids.  It would just be me walking. Said another prayer and thankfully got there just in time.  I have to say I felt safer knowing there were so many officers on those roads due to the lack of snowplowing done.  Terrible.  You couldn't even make out the roads.  
In case your wondering I eventually got there safe and sound.     

This was the cute little elephant that greeted us.

This was the yummy dessert they picked for the conference.

Dave's term ended so he stepped aside as President of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police and transitioned to the role of “Past President” for another year. He also takes over as President of the  leadership foundation so one more year on the board of directors. He  gave an exit speech which focused on serving others, especially on wellness for our officers and caring for each other. He  must have hit a cord because he  got a standing ovation from the almost 400 people that were there. Then to his surprise, the Attorney General of Wisconsin came up and presented him with the Attorney General's Leadership award. Amazing. It's nice to see how appreciated he is and well loved.

Have a wonderful Weekend!