Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lickers, Legos and Love

My baking lickers. They will lick mostly anything I have to offer. 

All of my kiddos will eat ice cream in a heartbeat.  Make your own sundae bars are great to have when there are people over. This is Miah's.  

This little star is always playing in the weirdest places.  There is always a battle going on.

Social worker comes over Thursday and we will get our final date for adoption next week.  Please keep praying for the rest of the funds we need for our finalization.  

Olivia's made this this cute little jar..

Today is Olivia's birthday but we will celebrating it on Saturday. Double digits!  A post with lots of pictures will follow.  We've had  a great week so far and everyone seems to be healthy.  Schooling away and working on rummage.  If anyone wants to drop things of for our rummage in May please email me, we will gladly take it.  All proceeds will go towards Abraham's adoption this year.   
Have a wonderful Wednesday!