Wednesday, December 2, 2015

No gold stars for mom and day 2 

I was able to get in a nice workout on the treadmill the other morning and get in the word a bit before I started schooling.  Love mornings like this!  Two of the bigs decided to rearrange and redecorate their rooms after they were done with school at 8:30.  We're talking about changing bookshelves, taking down old pictures, sorting through old things and rearranging furniture here.
In the mean time I'm trying to school Olivia and Miah and occupy the 2 other littles.  Gabe was on a mission to do things and be naughty. He decided to grab the movie that needs to be returned  to the library and start walking.  He probably would've made it there just fine with a stop at the park after.  Then he decided to take all the dirty laundry out of the washing machine and mix it with the dry and  clean laundry in the dryer and then put it in one heaping pile in the laundry room. 
 I went up stairs to check on Odin and Jonah's organizing and got distracted by the closet of extra sheets and blankets in the hallway.  I always feel like when you open the door up there everything will come piling out on you.  So, I started to organize the whole thing and get rid of extra things we do not need.  I got rid of 25 pillowcases with 10 left for spares. How did we get so many? I am seriously trying to get rid of things and put more in the rummage pile.  
Jonah now decided to start the  white chocolate chip cupcakes. 

Gabe  and Abraham are getting fussy getting ready for nap time. 

 We make and cook the cupcakes and dig in.  They are so good.  Jonah is in the process of pouring milk and then proceeds to spill it all over the counter into the formula can and behind the fridge.  Which leads to pulling out the fridge and now cleaning behind there. 

 I am now at the point of just laughing at everything.  It is now noon and I haven't even brushed my teeth and I'm still just warming up my second cup of coffee for the 5th time.  Love this life of being a momma to six little stars.

Day 2

 As you can see baking is a huge hit in our family!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!