Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3

So we do not have many soda or vending machines here so we left them on random cars in parking lots.  We had so much fun watching people get them. 

Love this little star..

Can you find the baby?

Odin took great pleasure in this.

This little mini mama here is such a care giver, teacher and  lover of these 2 little rascals.

3 of the bigs art from the week.

Love these guys.

This was their Halloween costumes.  We are not big Halloween people but they decided to walk for 45 minutes.  

We have now been playing lots of Battleship.  It got to the point that Miah was slightly addicted to it.  One night he started to pass out on the table playing.

We are so blessed with this little star in our lives.

She wanted to learn how to mop.  Awesome!  I hardly ever mop.  We spot clean all day long.  She loved it.  

This is what it looks like waiting in the waiting room with 6 kids.  Everyone always brings books to read and snacks to eat. 

Olivia's last sand concoctions for the year. We put all the summer stuff away for the year and it totally bummed her out.

(This one had old cauliflower on)

(This one she poured melted candle wax into a paint pallete and shaped them like apricots)

(old rotted strawberries)

Frog and crayfish catching.  No dice!  Olivia fell in which was quite funny.

and more battleship...