Tuesday, December 1, 2015

random acts of kindness advent

Our Daily Random Acts of Kindness Advent has begun. My little stars love doing this. It is so much fun doing something every day and carrying it over throughout the whole year. You can't go wrong loving on others! We're talking simple things people.   We love this more and more every year. I'll be honest with you but we didn't do a very good job of carrying anything over but baking last year.  My kiddos just love to bake non stop so that is what we did all year.  Baked goods can change the world!!
   I hope you’ll join in on the fun with us.  Do one every day or every week.  Skip around.  Make up your own.  You can’t mess it up…kindness is kindness and it totally matters.

 Speaking of kindness..thank you for the diapers and wipes for Abraham

Day 1

This is what are kitchen table looks like on school days

Thank you for the grocery blessing.  It's amazing how much more food the kids eat as they grow.  The kids picked out doughnuts as a special treat.

It takes a whole lot of willpower for me to not eat this whole darn box!

Thank you Nancy and Bob for all the goods!

This little star just passed out on the floor.  So sweet!

Gabe loves to hold Abraham.  He's such a clown right now.  I think if we had him in preschool he would surely get kicked out.

We made 4 batches of homemade granola.  Love this recipe and it's so easy to make.

You can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies to bless others with.

The kids have been on an Apples to Apples Junior kick.  The tend to get a little slap happy after awhile and sometimes you just have to walk away from them.  

Jonah and Gabriel built this awesome Lincoln Log bridge and battle scene.

Olivia sorting her bottle caps.  They are all so cool and colorful.

Thank you for the prayers and your continued love and support!  
Have a great Tuesday!