Sunday, August 30, 2015

Abraham Jacob Funkhouser

So this little man came into this world fast and he had kind of a rough start.  Abe was born on Friday August 21st. We were told he would be coming 2-3 weeks later but obviously Abe had his own plans and arrived less than 24 hours after we said we'd adopt him. Wow! Crazy how fast God works. 
Abe weighed in just under 7 lbs. and about 20 inches long.  He came out with the cord wrapped around his neck and he also swallowed a little merconium so he started his life with a sore throat. Poor kid.  The days after his birth were followed by lots of suctioning and 24 hour watching.  I stayed over night but then he had to stay in the monitored nursery with the nurses in isolation for the rest of his time.  The nurses were amazing. They were all so kind and loving.  They have a really tough job with all those little babies in the special care nursery.  If I worked there I would want to take all the babies home with me! 
Abe was having problems eating for a few days.  Just couldn't get the bottle thing down so they tube fed him for a few days. He's doing much better now. We were stuck in a waiting period while they conducted lots of tests. Praise God the tests all came back negative for any problems or drugs. He was a little fussy which they believe was nicotine withdrawal.  By Monday the feeding tube came out and he was doing great eating with the bottle but still a tad fussy yet. 
The nurses noticed that he seemed kind of smelly by his cord so they did 2 blood tests to see if there was something else going on.  One test came back positive for staph infection.  They treated him with an IV filled with antibiotics.  A few days in the hospital under 24 hour care and more love. Finally on Friday we got to bring him home! Praise God. The kids were waiting in the driveway for us to arrive and cried when they saw him. It was awesome. We actually have to put a timer on for each of them to get equal time holding Abe and loving on him.  They had switched formula 2 times in the hospital and really didn't see a difference in his fussiness.  So we switched him to Enfamil Nutramigen and it's making a world of difference.
Thank you all so much for your continued love, and support.  Adoption is a long journey yet so wonderfully beautiful.  Could you please keep praying for a few things for us?
Please pray for Abraham to be healthy and to sleep peacefully

Please pray that God provides the money we need for this adoption


Thank you so much!

Great week coming >>> We start school tomorrow!