Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Update...... on Big news!
from my husband

This isn't about me...its about a boy. A beautiful baby boy named Abraham. It's about Abe's mother who made a courageous decision to keep her baby and give it up for adoption. It's about a family my family who suffered through 3 failed adoption attempts in the past 7 years and a brutal fight with stage 4 cancer which by God's grace we won. Abe's mother selected a family for her son but they rejected her at the last minute. Now what? So on a chance the social worker thought of us. Would we take this child? We got a call. That call came on a Wednesday as we set up our campsite for an end of summer camping trip. Could we take this child? The baby was due in two weeks. Holy cow...two weeks and a baby will be here!? We said yes to the child. No way were we leaving that child alone. We said yes to Gods call. We have room in our home and in our hearts. Two weeks to get ready...nope. Baby Abe arrived less than 48 hours later. We have a new born baby boy coming home hopefully today. 
We need help. 
Our adoption fees and costs involved will total $15000. We're still paying off debt from our cancer fight. We're in it to win.  We know this is God's plan. If you can help click the link and donate.

 If not that's OK too. Just pray for Abe. He's with us now. He's beautiful. He's here. He's going to do big things. God is good.

Thank you.

Love Wins
(pictures coming soon)