Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last few days of summer recap...
and a huge Thank You for loving us!!

This was in my brothers pool.  We visited them before everyone started school and had our last dip in his pool.  The kids love it.

Ya gotta love this bike organization.

Thank you Jasmine for hanging with the kiddos and loving on them this last week.  We appreciate all you do.

Bad photo but Olivia and her good friend break dancing and jamming out. 

This little star loves to help with everything. 

Gabe got moved to the back seat so Abraham can sit in the middle seat.  

Washing their feet before bed...dirty little rascals

The kids were in heaven with this big coast guard ship.  Odin still wants to be in the coast guard.  They were wishing they could go hang on there for a bit.

Watch out for the hammock ninja.

The kids watching a pine cone burn around the fire.  They love throwing things in there to see what happens.  Their not piros or anything just being a kid.

Slugs.  They are so slimy and fun. Gabe loves slugs too...just like the other kids did.

She is such a marvel girl..I love it

Where did summer go?  It flew right by and we had a great time.  What a way to end it...just add a newborn baby in there that we have been praying for, for almost 6 years. Completely amazing. 
  God is truly faithful on his word and all in his timing.  Abraham is doing great for a fussy baby.  Took him to the Dr. for his first check up and he's almost 8 lbs.  He's getting up about every 2 hours and is eating good.  Just a tad fussy from 1:30 in the morning until 5 in the morning. He is doing great on the Nutramigen formula which of course is the most expensive one out there.  I called the company and asked for some coupons.  
All the kids are over the moon with him.  They have also waited and prayed this long.  They love kids. We have the timer set every 30 minutes so everyone gets a fair turn with him.  The timer gets a little old with this momma.  They were arguing about the baby more than anything these past few days.  

 Thank you so much for your continued love, support and prayers.
Thank you for all of your donations, meals, diapers, clothes, gift cards and gifts.  Thank you all for loving on us.
We greatly appreciate all you do and are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Please keep praying for:

good sleep for Abraham

for Jeremiah to feel better

God to keep providing

 and for a hearing date for this little guy.

 Love Wins