Monday, July 13, 2015

Father's Day, dates with kids and Mayo

The kids love to play in warm rain.  Totally freeing!  The day they did this it was seriously a blast.  Gabe had no idea what was going on but he jumped right in.

This little man skins a lot of his toes.  He's constantly needing band aids.  The fun of summer and riding on his tractor.  He wears holes right through his shoes.

My favorite salad I concocted.  I 'll make a whole big bowl of it and Dave and I will eat out of there all day.  Chicken, nacho tortilla chips, black beans, cheese, onion and greens.

Jeremiah loves to fish.  He likes to do this for his date with Dave.  This kid would fish everyday if we took him. Totally cheap date!

Odin loves the Milwaukee Public Museum.  Once in awhile we get some free passes for there.  Problem is that he loves history like his father.  I am terrible at history.  It was always 7th hour after lunch and was either tired from just eating my lunch or not there.  When Odin goes there he likes to take his time and not be rushed.  He loves the new Egyptian set up they got there right now.  They had a blast.

Summer s'more time with friends.  We love s'mores.

This is Gabe's latest gig.  He has been hiding under blankets and talking to his imaginary friends.  It is quite entertaining.  

Olivia made this for Dave..

Project I'm working on and not quite finished with yet.  I am terrible at starting things and never finishing them.

Love these nerf gun notes I get flying all around the house.

We are headed of to Mayo this week.  Dave is getting his regular 3 month check up with Dr. Olsen.  We love that guy!  Thank you for blessing us with money in our account whoever you are.  We will be using that towards gas.  It gets costly(aside from the medical bills) driving there and staying overnight every time.  We are so thankful for your generous hearts.  Please pray for a great scope and we will give you an update when we can.  Thank you for loving on us!