Thursday, May 28, 2015

winding down

This little dude has been going in and out of naughtiness lately.  Saying no and throwing toys and screaming just for kicks.   He loves everything super heroes.  Slicing, dicing, sword battles and karate chops.

This little man is trying to stay focused these last few weeks of school.  Very hard for this little guy and these last few weeks are dragging for this momma...

He likes to talk to his figurines real close...he is seriously funny.

this little star has started to eat something new finally..

love this picture of Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio

Can you tell Olivia loves to do this.  He is quite cute!

Olivia bought the Brick Bible(new and old testament) with her rummage money.  They all love them.  It's kind of different seeing the Bible done in Lego world.  They are really cool books. 

Gabe decided he didn't have enough marbles and added his chocolate balls to Hungry Hippo.

Olivia colored some sand and made these cute little bottles.  So cute.  She is my crafter and science girl.

She loves to color water with things in nature and chalk crumbs.  They paint everything in the summer.  Love their little creative minds.

This is  a serious battle Gabe and Olivia were having with figurines and vehicles. 

Miah got bit by a dog.  No stitches so we are good.  Never had this happen before.  We are on trip 2 to the Er so far for this year.  Hope we have a safer summer this year than last year.

 faith is believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse..have big faith