Tuesday, June 2, 2015

being a mom is the jam
I love laying with the kids at night
We have always done the same routine since we have had children.
We take turns laying beside them every night as they go on and on about silly things and sometimes things that don't make any sense.  
I just want to hold onto the memories and moments forever. 
You never get that time back.  

Motherhood is such a miracle
I'm almost 12 years into this parenting thing and it just keeps getting better
Long live love. Hold on to those days tighter and let the tide roll over the rest.

Olivia loves to give me these beautiful flowers.  I will always call dandelions pretty yellow flowers.  Don't judge dandelion haters!  She doesn't understand how they can be bothersome like a weed.  She found a thread and gathered them for a bouquet. She's continually grabbing them and making bouquets for random people.  Love this little lady.

Love Wins