Tuesday, May 26, 2015

kicks, sweets, popcorn
 My kids loved this grandpa's kicks at the Dr. office.  So fun and bright! This sweet grandpa just got diagnosed with cancer.  So we prayed with him and had a nice chat.
Love the elderly.

 Olivia's funny/cute note booking entries.  Love that everything is a rainbow in her world!

Love that they don't match.  They have no care in the world about matching or what others think.  

They love free popcorn at the car dealership.  This picture is great.  Love that they are all just hanging out eating popcorn.

My husband's delicious skillets. He is so good to me.  Fried eggs, potatoes, sausage and cheese on the weekends.  Love this!

We made scotcharoos.  One of our favorites. I may have eaten over half the pan of these deliciously awful for your waist line treats.  No shame people. 

Dave cleaning and dusting.  The vacuum fell and made a delightful dust mess.  He's a good housekeeper too!

Blessing bags for Chicago.  They love to pack blessing bags and have them ready at all times.  They used their own money for these this time and they were so excited.  They all truly love to give to others.   Can never  keep up with Odin though, he is always giving and giving and giving.   He loved putting money in the jars that the homeless had  and talking to them.  

 My happy packers.

I love my kitchen window.  So happy and can you tell I have a problem with little bowls.  I love little things and  I noticed my children do too. Not sure if that's good or bad.  Most of the time they are filled with nothing and have no purpose. 

 Our happy grandma and her hedgehog

This was our cake topper for our farm/country wedding.  They are so cute and they are 13 years old.

Keep loving others!