Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lego madness

We were totally getting cranky over these Legos the last few weeks before the rummage.   Thank goodness,  we are done.  They were  making us cranky.  Seriously we were  obsessed about getting them done. This past year of building all these Legos has taught me many things.

 I have met and talked to many wonderful workers there. I was able to ask for certain workers every time I called.   They are all so helpful and chatty.  They love to hear about our kids and ask questions every time. Sad but true..we will miss all this Lego activity.   Sorting and finding all these pieces and then putting together the set.   Finished sets are so nice. It's like therapy in some ways.  We have the funniest conversations while we have all the pieces out all over the floor.  Singing and laughing go along with it.  Sometimes we find ourselves singing the funniest songs,talking about all the orphans in the world  and re enacting the funniest movie lines. 
On the flip side of it...when we get pieces in the mail,  they flock to the package and devour it.  They frantically add them to their set and they transport themselves into another world.  You could tell them they just won a million dollars over and over and they never hear you.  They are like zombies.  I give orders and tell them to do things and they say ok, ok, ok.  But never move.  They want to get that set done. They are focused.

Of course they still buy Legos with their money though... Everybody loves them.  Keep building.