Friday, April 17, 2015

Need I say more…

Can you tell I can barely keep it together?

Olivia was having way too much fun with him.
Friday is here and we love weekends because we all get to hang together.  Sunshine and warmer weather help too. 
Put away the winter clothing and sorting out the spring and summer stuff makes my OCD crazy heart jump for joy.  Winter stuff takes up so much room.

We are trying to finish up the last of our Lego sets before it’s too late to order pieces to complete our sets.  Wow..I can’t believe how many Legos they have collected over an 11 year span. A couple more weeks to go. I am sooo tired of doing Legos but praying God will bless us with good sales for a good cause.

We are hanging up clothes this weekend for the rummage, moving tree’s in the yard and making a Costco run.  Everyone enjoy the sunshine and spread the love.