Monday, April 20, 2015

Ex-rays and New food journey

Odin's ex-rays look great.  His right big toe will always be 3/4 inch longer than the other.  Just how it broke on the growth plate and healed the Dr. said.  

Seriously...check out those shoes.  Size 13 and he is 11.

Getting blood drawn for his allergy/food sensitivity test. 

We have had to cut out wheat, cinnamon, pear, and cows milk. We are doing a 4 day rotation plan on a few other things.  Most of which are his favorites which the Dr. said always happens.   Broccoli, green beans, sugar of any sort, chocolate, strawberries and  chicken.  Seriously very hard for this guy.  Our kids eat steamed broccoli 3/4 times a week and green beans twice.  Sugar is in everything.  The milk seems to be harder than I thought.  He doesn't like our almond or coconut milk.  This is a new journey for sure.  Any recipes please throw my way.

Love our colorful lunch containers. Anytime we run errands or take a road trip somewhere we love packing our lunches.  Call us dorks I know. 

 This guy can't help but make you smile!!! Don't let his smile fool you.  He totally is into screaming and hitting his siblings right now if he doesn't get his way.

Olivia's choice for a random act of kindness.  Amen to baked goods.  We will have to change them up for Odin though.  Should be interesting.  Go ahead and pick something, bake it, share it and change the world!

Her colorful school work. You gotta love rainbows. 

Trying to finish up our Lego building here at the Funks for the rummage.  I gave the kids until the end of the month to get as many sets together as they could.  It takes about 2 weeks to order pieces and assemble what we were missing.  They are tired of Lego building I'll tell you but they have been rock stars.  They have put together over 85 sets for the rummage to sell.  They are mostly all retired sets they have received as gifts.  Come show your support and buy a set or few for gifts. 
Colorful Fun.  

Poor guy has nowhere to play Monopoly due to Lego madness~~~

Olivia thought I needed a wash up station apparently complete with instructions.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!