Monday, April 13, 2015

I cant believe how fast these kids grow.  I feel like I go to the store and load up on everything then by the end of the week the fridge is completely empty.  They are hungry every 2 hours.  It seems like 2 of them are continually eating at all times right now.  Most of them are at they stage where they do everything themselves but oh how I love making things for them.  Serving them is a true joy to this mama's heart.  

The puking is done and everyone is feeling great.  Dave actually ran Gabe to the Dr. Friday night because he only ate a few things all week and has lost some weight.  We just wanted to make sure he wasn't dehydrated.   He seems to be doing better but I think he's trying to milk a little bit of this sickness thing.  Sitting on the couch all day is not one of my things to do. Thank you for all of your prayers and for my sanity. 

Thank you Julie and Dave for the soup, bread, muffins and cards.  It hit the spot.  The kids were arguing over your soup.  That was so kind of you think of us.

We had a nice lounging weekend.  Watched the movie Noah which everyone liked.  They really enjoyed Exodus.  They are on a huge Bible kick.  Love it!  We got some more Lego sets done and Dave was able to get the garage cleaned and washed  out with the help of all the kiddos and we are ready to hang poles for our rummage in May. The kids were awesome helpers. Please come out and show your support.  Just buy a brat or cinnamon roll if you can't find anything.  All funds this year will go towards Dave's medical bills.

(thank you for the nice dinner grandma mimi and papa julio)

Thank you again for all the prayers this last week.  Have a wonderful Monday.