Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pooping and puking

Boba Fett falls short in battle. This is how Gabe plays.

Dave and I are watching them jump on Odin with cushions. Blurry fun and quite entertaining.

The pictures above were taken before the sickness came into the house.  We have pukers and poopers here. I think you can smell the aroma as you enter our house.   Let one get out and go to a indoor bounce house and he brings home a bug.  Thankfully sharing it with others. So nice.  We never have had a puking bug in this house.  First Jeremiah, then Gabe and now Jonah and Olivia.  Miah has stopped now for good but has a serious runny nose.  Lots of fever, puking and pooping.  Laying around and watching a lot of TV.  and doing Legos. Which is hard for the others when their schooling.  
Please pray for healthy bodies.