Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Self control, love and mud

This is our self control prayer sheet.  Some of those pray this daily every time they walk by it.  I think it is something we all struggle with on some degree. Captain America was hanging on for dear life.

Olivia always seems to take her research projects one step further with pictures and all. Love her creativity and imagination. I never knew who Robert Fulton was until she studied him.  Love this home schooling jig.

Thank you Auntie Annie for the  archaeology dig for Jonah's birthday. He  loved it.  He found 3 little critters.  Every one had a part in doing it.

This little star is quite the runner.  Running every chance he gets.  If a door is open he is GONE! Wow, apparently we should of kept our fence up. He loves to be outside.

Mud is so much fun. You have to love the spring thaw..seriously come and play with us.

We kind of all love to sit by the patio door when the sun meets you in the afternoon at just the right angle.  There is always a warm spot to sit by on the floor.  Everything is a rainbow in this little star's life.

You rarely ever get to eat breakfast alone in this house.  All the boyz looking at the same book together. Love that they will always have each other.  They are all the best of friends.

Olivia's memory verse for the week with a  delightful illustration.

With the nicer weather they wanted to exercise outside instead of on the treadmill.  So this is how they roll in the early am.  They all love to get it done right away in the morning.  I am the same way. There is no way you can get me to exercise past 9 am.  Just not my thing.  Gabe is happy to be part of it.

Olivia was missing dad one morning so she wanted to write him a nice letter.  Love the wordage she uses. *cute little girl*

Jonah made her this one morning after she woke up.  Delightful little hearts they have for each other.  They love to serve each other.

Have a great Wednesday!