Friday, March 20, 2015

Concert, Pen pals, Smoothies and Something to Think About

Went to another concert with my little lady.  It was her birthday gift.  One of her many favorite bands is Rend Collective.  We saw them with Chris Tomlin and Tenth Avenue North. We were dancing and jumping around so much with Rend we were dripping sweat. We left a few minutes after Chris started and she was done for the night abut 10 minutes into the car ride home.
Funny thing happened there.  We had gone to a Toby Mac concert for her Christmas gift in December and sat by a sweet couple with a bunch of kids.  We sat right next to them this time in a different arena.  What are the odds of that?

Chocolate sundaes for a mid morning snack just because...

Olivia's funny picture.  So I am going to beat Dave with a spoon and then  he will arrest me???

Olivia was making my smoothie.  Can you tell?  I told her to add a banana.

New storage idea for our pen pal letters.  We all love our pen pals here but I was running out of room for storing their letters.  This was brilliant.  A different color for each one.  Love this!

 These 2 having a battle when they are supossed to be cleaning up.

Olivia asked if she could put Gabe down for a nap.  I went in there about 10 minutes later(because I thought I would squeeze in one more wiping off the counter...OCD) and found this.  So sweet.

She cracks me up.  This is how she makes her bed.  Somehow adding two empty pillow cases to the bottom does the trick. 

I literally ran to switch the loads of laundry and he had covered his head, belly button, all 10 toes and his legs.  While the other stars just sat in the same room doing their thing.

something to think about

True belief in both heaven and hell radically changes the way we live on earth.  We are encouraged by  the hope of heaven, and we are compelled by the horror of hell.  We know that this world is not all that exists.  We know that every person on the planet is only here for a brief moment, and an eternity lies ahead of us all-an eternity that is either filled with ever increasing delight or never ending damnation.
So Jesus' words make sense: "follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." If you and I know and believe that Jesus came to save us from hell, then we have no choice but to spend our lives on earth making that salvation known.  If the people sitting next to us at a coffee shop, or studying next to us at the library, or working next to us at the office, or living next to us in our neighborhoods may be on a road that leads to everlasting suffering, then WE MUST tell them about the Christ who leads to eternal satisfaction.  Anything less than this makes no sense according to what we believe.  How can any Christian stay silent while our friends, family members, co workers neighbors and everyone else walk off an eternal cliff into everlasting darkness?