Friday, March 27, 2015

 Trevor Casper

 On Tuesday, my husband was representing the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police by testifying in a public hearing at our state capitol. Dave told the committee of senators how police officers all across the country risk their lives everyday serving and protecting others.

Dave had no idea that just a short time later after he returned from the state capitol that he would have to go tell the parents of a state trooper that their son had been killed in the line of duty.

     Trooper Trevor Casper was shot in the line of duty during a gunfight with a bank robber earlier that night. Trevor was from our city and was a well-known and very well liked young man in our community. Dave said it was one of the worst things he has had to do in his 26 years as a police officer. He has had the awful job of having to make death notifications to families before and every time it hurts him, but this time it was so very hard for him to do because he knew the family. The trooper’s mother works with Dave at City Hall. They are very nice people and it was so hard for Dave to do. He knew it was better that they heard it from him because it was from someone they know, but it was so hard to do. He has cried many times in private since Tuesday but he knows he has to stand strong to support the family and the troopers who are also so very sad about this.

     Dave has been gone for many long hours since that time. He is helping the family and the city prepare for the very large funeral this weekend. He knows that the best way he can help the family is by doing everything he can to help make sure the funeral goes well.

     Dave has said many times that he believes God saved him from his cancer fight so that he can continue to serve others. It is times like this that make us believe that.

     We have many long days and nights ahead of us but nothing compared to what this trooper’s family is going through. It is an awful time for them and for our community. Please pray for them and the trooper’s fellow officers. So many people are hurting from this. 
      May Jesus comfort and hold their hearts as only He can and remind them of His unending love...

       May the peace of Jesus surround and embrace them, along with His comfort, hope, inner strength to move forward, and joy in memories they all shared. 

I pray  that grace will find them  in their grief.

 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matt.5:4