Monday, March 9, 2015

Just another day

It was one of those days the other day seriously.  I actually told my children I was getting angry at the walmart workers.  I 'm not one easily or usually angered but my patience was running thin...but I was able to keep it together.  I have a little foolish one that just keeps pushing you and pushing you until you're ready to explode. I resorted to counting for him.  I make him count things.  Like the lines on the shopping cart. He thought it was grand.    His smile keeps me grounded though.  

I left for the Dr. at 12:30 with all 5 kiddos in tow.  Right at Gabe's nap time because that is all they had open.  We had to go because we have been dealing with some things here for a month or so.  Trying to fit us all, 2 nurses and 1 Dr. in the room was nothing but hot and sweaty.  It was so tight and awkwardly funny.  Between weights, heights and blood pressure we got to the point. 

Gabe was obsessed with the hand sanitizer and escaping.  All he can remember is that he gets needles in his arm when he hears the word Dr.  He cried walking up to the clinic.  We finished up at the Dr. an hour later.  The Dr.'s and nurses all seemed to agree that we should have a live web cam at our house.  They think it would be fun.  I politely laughed and gave it a thought.  We have heard this at least 3 times this week alone.  

Walking out the clinic doors, Gabe decided to run to the car.  That's what 2 year olds like to do.  Run, run, run.  Especially when you say stop.  He biffed right on his face.  There was actually a wet spot on the concrete from his open mouth.  He cut the inside of his lip open and scratched his face.  This sweet Grandpa helped him up.  Jonah says,"that's kind of funny, we just left the Dr. and he falls., we could just walk right in if we needed too."
  Funny kid...

Headed over to Walmart to get some prescriptions.  2 hours later we finally leave and get home by 5.  Seriously.  I vowed to never get another prescription from Walmart.  There was no one ahead of us in line, just waited on them to fill it. They had to recall the Dr. because the dose was so high on one of them.  We were probably quite humorous to the bystanders.  The kids were smelling different deodorants for fun, talking to the fishes, looking at toys and games for the 20th time, and smelling candles.  The kids thought it was funny. I was just clearly running out of ideas for them to do in the store.   And of course everyone was hungry.  I didn't bring anything to eat along because it was supposed to be a quick visit to the Dr. I told Odin I think I just want to go buy a big bag of chips and we can all eat it in the store.  Odin said," that wouldn't be healthy and isn't that called emotional eating."  ouch....I guess I have to eat my chocolate cake hiding in the pantry next time.  

Dave wasn't going to be home until 6.  I found clothes left in my washing machine when I got home that I forgot to move into the dryer.  So I added more detergent and ran them again.  That always happens to me with Dave's uniforms.

Our living room looked like a hurricane went through it and it bothered me before we were even home.  We had Legos everywhere yet from our building spree and I had to cook dinner.
As soon as we got home, Gabe crashed hard. Like I just put him on the couch on his back and he stayed like that for an hour.  Nap time was totally gone but he needed rest.  Huge blessing while Olivia helped me with dinner and the others cleaned the house up.  

Listen. If you didn’t have times where you felt overwhelmed you wouldn’t appreciate the moments where they’re all sitting in the car, the sun is shining, and you’ve got the music cranked and the kids are happy and you just feel on top of the world. I love those moments and we love seriously loud Christian music.

Those moments when the tears fall or you just want to sit for 10 minutes and breathe.

Don’t be afraid to just live your life.

 I’m giving myself grace to live.
I had expectations that day.  Emotions are tricky. 
Emotions are what make motherhood extraordinary.

 So don't run

Fill your day with grace.

Just love one another and be you.