Friday, March 6, 2015


Can you guess who's owl this is?

The older boys made these with duct tape tin foil.  They are pretty cool.

Jeremiah's polar bear.  This kid never likes to draw like the others.  I told him he had to draw me a polar bear and he did great. 

The other afternoon once we were done schooling we did art for 4 hours.  Olivia loves chalk pastels.  We had a blast sitting at the table talking and laughing about life and how bad of a drawer I am.  

Olivia just bought some more chalk pastels with her own money.  My children love Hobby too

This little star has quite the imagination. He plays a lot with his figurines including star wars, bat man, super man, and marvel guys are his favorite.  He never stops talking.  Huge repeater.  Trying to teach him patience when someone is talking.  I'll tell him to wait a minute and he'll just repeat "wait a minute" over and over, louder and louder until I talk to him.  He clearly doesn't get the whole patience thing yet..come on already.  Your 2!!

we will continue to make art and never stop.
Color in a coloring book with them, draw with them or just paint a rainbow with them......they'll love you for it! 
Happy Friday!