Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our kiddos write in a journal every Wednesday and Saturday.They draw and write about the cutest things.  They pour their hearts into their work.  It's priceless.   I never was a drawing type of person but I always kept a journal.   Stick figures are about all I can do. no kidding. They love to draw and write.   After having the 3rd kiddo I stopped writing in a journal.  It took so much time that I never had. It was so freeing though. I love to see where their hearts take them and the words they put down.  They add so much detail to things.  They usually have something to write about in their minds when they start, but a couple weeks ago they were stumped.  I was making breakfast and threw out "write about your family." They all happily agreed.  A few of their writings make me cry.  Mind you, I am an easy crier but it's so rewarding to see the fruit they are producing.  That we as parents work so hard for.  We hope and pray that most importantly they put God first in their lives and they live only for him and him alone.  

Olivia made this out of beads.

Thanks for reading what's on their heart..misspellings and all.