Tuesday, February 3, 2015


*This girl cracks me up.  I think daily she is getting more and more like me in weird and quirky ways.  Check out the batman helicopter vacuum handle.  

 *Olivia's way of organizing after she cleans.  These last few weeks she has been very domestic.  Seeing a mess and tackling it on her own. 

*We have been working on a lot of this for a few weeks...LOOONG weeks.  Don't we all need a little self control? Like me and chocolate cake with whopping amounts of chocolate frosting!!

*Our dress up clothes are getting a little too small.

*Jonah and Olivia made some delicious homemade brownies.  We ate half the pan in one sitting.  We love homemade brownies!

*This guy is getting creative with his eggs for breakfast and lunch.  He does a great job cooking for himself.

 *Olivia made some black  bean/gluten free chocolate muffins for breakfast.  They were good.  A tad dry.  Warm them up and you have instant freshness.

 This little man is doing awesome. We had a wonderful visit with his adoptive parents Saturday.  It's been great getting to know them.The kiddos just love this little man and his family.

Hectic Monday.  The kids played in the snow which was so exciting.  Gabe kept losing his boot.  Miah and him kept pretending to shoot each other.  Playing dead turned into making snow angels.  Quite a sight to see.  We have installed a new ticket system with the kiddos which is going great.  More on that when I have some time to breathe.  I am cherishing this time with this litle guy right now.  
I will remember that I’m not perfect, just real, and that life is a gift. There is so much freedom in simply knowing that this journey wasn’t supposed to be on hyper drive and smooth every second. Our motherhood journey is a story, a path filled with bends and dips and moments when we think we can’t go on and yet we do. So remember with me. We are strong, happy, imperfect, real, and grateful for today. Honestly? I think that will change our lives