Sunday, February 8, 2015

  Pantry raider and exhaustion

With this little guy we have to keep the pantry door closed at all times.  He tends to go in there and find some tablet or device and potato chips.  He would eat chocolate chips and potato chips all day if I let him. He goes to take something and then hides behind the door thinking he's pretty sneaky.

Olivia handed me these the other day...this girl is on fire for the Lord and baking..

Love the last line here.  God is nice.  Don't forget to eat a brownie.

on another note. we are emotionally exhausted.
wow talk about exhaustion.  In between sleepless nights, baby leaving, and  a huge personal thing going in our families lives, which I cannot write about here, I am spent. Just appreciate your prayers. I haven't cried this much since Dave's cancer diagnosis.  Praying for wisdom, justice and forgiveness and peace through this whole situation. God is Good.