Friday, January 30, 2015

speed bumps
They are all around us.  This last week we had a bunch of them.  First the dryer broke.  We had to get a new dryer vent, pulley and belt.  My gracious mom has been drying all of our laundry.  The kids were like folding for us.  The wonderful worker man let Miah help him and even gave him $.50.  Miah thought it was cool.  He had 9 kiddos and was a sweet grandpa. 
Then we had the tub fixed.  The kids happen to break the drain stop.  Dave and I tried our hand at fixing it for a few hours on different occasions but we had to call the plumber in.  He was a nice guy that let Miah hang around and watch and talk shop and Star Wars with him.  We would of never got it ourselves he said. 
Last but not least the furnace guy came (home school dad, adoptive family and a Christian) to fix our thermostat.  Sweet big guy.  He had to duck walking through our hallways.  His kiddos were all grown up but we shared about life, cancer, God, homeschooling, behavior disorders and foster care and we even got teary in between there.  He was a wonderful man and talked to the kiddos about homeschooling.  Just letting them know how special they are to be able to be home schooled.  He ended up not charging us which was a huge blessing from God. 
That night I took Olivia to get her throat swabbed for strep and had another great conversation with the Dr.  They were also a home school family.  He shared a lot with us about how much fun they had as a family traveling and schooling the kiddos and what a blessing it is to be able to share your whole life with your kiddos.  24/7.  He went on to talk about Booker T Washington and the Plymouth Plantation and all sorts of places they've stopped when they traveled.  By this time Olivia was totally done and bored.  No strep for her which was good.  First cold of the season.   
 The whole day was filled with opportunities.  Instead of looking at the things like problems it’s given me opportunities to meet new people, to learn other’s stories, to be a voice  to remember to be grateful.  These speed bumps blessed us.

So today,  look at your life and the speed bumps that are there. We all have them. Some bigger than others.   Do you see them as stopping points? Or as places where you can learn about yourself and try and celebrate life? Motherhood is full of them. They sprinkle our days and sometimes they feel like months full of speed bump moments.  Our speed bumps always work in 3's.  And a few hundred dollars later!!!  You know, you’ll get around them. And when you do you’ll look back and think about how that very thing that seemed to stop you made you stronger, more determined, and more full of tenacity. 

This little man is so delicious..