Monday, November 17, 2014

Point Beach

We went close for this trip. Point Beach State Park. They had a Fall Fest going on there we never knew about.  It was crazy cool.  Cool crisp air and a fire going all day every day.  We never wanted to leave this place.  Yes we are the type of people that could live at the State Park out of a camper.  My parents joined us for a few days too.  This guy loved eating yogurt in the woods.

They had some crazy decorations going on.  In my mind a complete waste of money. 

We love glow sticks. There are so many cool things you can do with them.

some seriously large pumpkins

Some football going on

My favorite walk in the woods.  So many leaves to pick up and throw and kick. Magical, peaceful and pure beauty!

my dad carving a walking stick(or weapon) for Gabe.

Ninjas in the woods.

This picture is pure love...he is so much fun!

I had fun throwing leaves at this guy.

thank you Point Beach for the awesome memories..