Thursday, November 13, 2014

Footy jammies and high heels

* We have decided to move the crayons. All Gabe does is stand by the crayon basket(which our kids never use...they are all about colored pencils and markers) on a chair and break the crayons in half. Complete waste of those nice pointy new crayons. Love them pointy!

* Odin made dinner the other night.  He found this Sausage Gumbo  recipe  in a book he read at the library and he  wanted to make it for us.  It was divine. Lots of garlic which doesn't go well for Dave's mouth right now.  He made fish, green beans and buttered noodles too and set up the table oh so beautiful.  Olivia ate the fish...praise the Lord she ate another food on the food chain!  Odin  was thrilled and loved every minute of it.  Setting the table in this house is a cause for disaster with Gabe though.

* This is how my bible time has been lately.  Either in the pantry, on the floor, or anywhere else I can read  with this little man stacking things, writing on things or by my side.
We all got time for Jesus.

* Apparently this is something serious and it was bugging her. This little one has been on me for years to refer to them not as kiddos, kids, munchkins and whatever else I call them anymore...she prefers stars.  My little stars it will be then. This is how she rolls these last few weeks of school.  Darth Vader, high heels, footy pajamas, name changing and ear muffs.

* We were in Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day waiting in line by the fabric cutting area.  All of a sudden Olivia looks at me weeping big huge tears and says....
when you die mom I'm really gonna miss you. We talked about it for a bit, a little unsure what she was thinking. Then I started to cry as I was talking to the fabric lady and she was so sweet and kind.  Adding she has days like that too. We started to proceed to the check out when Olivia finally broke the hot, weepy mess we were in by asking the store clerk if Jo Ann was working today and if she could meet her.  The clerk was so great and told her a little story about Jo Ann fabrics and that the 2 sisters were always here because they were angels. It was very sweet of her.  By this time I just wanted to get out of there and cry in the car with my kids.  

* If you ever have bottle caps...keep them and send them to Olivia.  She has been collecting bottle caps for years and loves to sort them and look at them.  This stash was from a summer camping trip.  She loves them.

* Haircuts all around.  My mom does them all.  It is so nice not having to pay for haircuts.  Seems like such a silly thing to me.  Thank you mom for cutting our hair.

*I will be removing the google friend connect because most of my subscribers go through feed blitz.  If you are subscribed through there(Google) and want to get our updates, go through feed blitz.  Scroll down the blog and look on the sidebar and enter your email address.   

*Thank you for reading my crazy little piece of the internet.  I love the comments.  I love the emails.  You make me smile and encourage me and I think you’re straight up crazy kind for even stopping by…I so greatly appreciate it.

Happy Thursday!!