Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gabe's 2nd Birthday
( a tad late)

November 2nd was Gabe's golden birthday.  What a joy this guy is.  If we would've  never listened to the email from Michelle Duggar (the Dr. is their best friend) and prayed about getting a reverse vasectomy...Gabe would never be here.  God is so good!  So glad we drove 13 hours(we had such a blast on the trip down) to Arkansas to get a reverse vasectomy.  I talk like I went under the knife!  Dave was such a trooper.  Totally rocked the surgery and the healing.   So glad we listened to God when he put this on our hearts even though it sounded insanely crazy and weird. Gabe is truly a miracle and we are so blessed to have him  in our lives. 

Thank you Gary for the bag of chocolates.

Annie, I think he loved the carrier of the poster the most.  A new sword!

This guy goes through paint like it's going out of style
thank you mom and dad.

Thanks for the super cool shirt Grandma Mimi.

This was the craziest blender. Sorry Fittons that it only lasted a few days. They had so much fun with it!!! 

I put on some grateful dead and my strobe light  and we rocked out.

He didn't eat the cake...only the M & M's
Totally weird kid..We love cake!

Yes we're totally rad like that.  Shoving kids faces into their cakes.  He totally didn't like it, but the others did. 

Thank you for the gifts, well wishes and all of your love.  We love you dearly Gabe and are so blessed to have you in our lives.