Monday, November 24, 2014

Lincoln logs, lamb ears and love

*thank you Grandma Mimi for the new winter coat for Olivia
she loves it

*loving this crazy little guy lately.  Oh he likes to get into every marker and crayon he can get his hands on.  The faster you run after him the faster he draws and scribbles on things. 

*notes on the door after I leave to run an errand

*oh we love puppy chow at this house.

*Yes I let Jeremiah and Olivia build with Lincoln logs and then throw them at each other all over the kitchen.  Not hard. Just some Lincoln Log brotherly sisterly love going on!

*Beautiful fall leaves

*Blessing bags we packed for Mayo but never saw anyone to give them too.  Never hurts to be ready. Maybe next time.  

*Olivia thought there might be some takers that would buy some lamb ears at the rummage sale next year so she's getting them ready.  High price for a lamb ear.

*Dave finished putting up the Christmas lights(don't worry we do not put them on until after Christmas)  and going through basement clutter.  We are still working on simplifying.  We wizzed through all of our old Halloween costumes and those old house papers from when we  bought our first house. We had a great time with friends this weekend while the kiddos played flag football.  Olivia and Miah got to spend the night with another friend which they loved.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful loving friends in our lives.

Happy Monday!