Thursday, October 2, 2014

little babes in undies.... heard right. Gabe is potty trained and he's  not even 2.  Never had this before.  He is doing great.  A few times a day he pees somewhere else.  Those little butt cheeks on babes are so cute and squishy.  He has attempted it a few months ago but it was a one time deal.  Here and there kind of thing.  I think he was just sick of wearing the diaper and he started telling us when he was going to the bathroom.  We(meaning all of the children come running into the potty and help and cheer him on)are so excited about this.  In this house you have a lot of support. Way to go Gabe!

This little man still loves the sand.  Cold, wet, weedy and muddy. 


We just happen to come home from a walk the other night and turned on the TV.  Up popped Americas Test Kitchen.  Never seen it or heard of it.  The kids wanted to watch it because we love cooking shows as long as there not making all this fancy stuff.  We ended up watching it and they had on how to make the perfect fried eggs.  It's 8 o clock and  everyone wanted eggs.  Just between the 3 boys they almost ate a dozen eggs.  Eggs are part of our daily  food intake.  We love us some good farm eggs.

Once every week or so we try to make homemade pizzas.  The kids love making their own pizzas.  I love the thick crust, really cheesy and greasy good stuff.  We tried making this new crust and it rocked.   So crispy and good.  

We have been playing monopoly like crazy people.  We play a little in the morning and some all day and maybe a little more in the evening.  I totally see no point in this game.  Sorry all you monopoly lovers.  It is not my cup of tea.  

Marigolds from our garden. Simply beautiful.

This guy hangs all day on the stairs.  It seems like this his is favorite place.

We had a rough week going on here.  More on that later.  Asking for some prayers for Dave. 
Please pray for David's appointment in Green Bay next week Monday.   He will meet the Green Bay team for a scope and go over some new things they learned at a conference with him. Praying for a clear scope.  We will update you after.  Thank you so much for your generous hearts and continual prayers for our family.  We love you dearly and couldn't get through this without all of you.