Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School starting at the Funks....... one week in already

School is in session at the Funks.  We had a great first couple of days. I like getting off to a good start. Love the smell of new books and a new curriculum for Odin.  We also started a new spelling curriculum which they think is so funny sounding out letters. They woke up the first day and started school by 5:30.  I think Auntie Annie was amazed they were so excited and ready to go.  A couple of them dove into books while the others exercised.  By the time I took Jeremiah to school at 7:30 we had a few hours in. Awesomeness!! We have 3 this year schooling at home and Jeremiah going to public school and Gabe just causing trouble in the neighborhood. 
We had our traditional ice cream for breakfast.  Of course it's as much as you want.  

he asked for a shake this time instead

Gabe is chillin and writing on walls, destroying everything in this house waiting for them to be done.

By the time I got home and got situated it was 9:30 already.  I hadn't even ate breakfast or changed my clothes.  Jut got my teeth brushed. Everybody was doing their stuff and working and Gabe was spilling water all over the kitchen.  I let him play in the sink a few minutes and he made a disaster.  Gabe and Olivia have a cold all of a sudden.  Cough and runny nose.Yup, took them to the Dr. and they got strep.  Dave came home for lunch  and I realized I never ate my breakfast.  Still on the counter. I am the queen of letting things get cold.  Reheat.  Reheat. Reheat...or just eat them cold! Don't get me wrong I'm  not complaining.  I love my life and all these little stars.

Jonah trying to these memories

Break time for Odin. Gabe keeps calling your name until you answer him and he wanted Odin to play air hockey with him.  We scored this at a rummage sale..  Pretty sweet hey!

Homeschooling is a lot for this one.

This is our island every morning at about 5:30. 3 different teacher manuals out and ready to go.

Olivia made cookie pizza for an afternoon snack.  This girl will bake everyday if I let her.  That's what we teach...bake goods change the world.

Too make a long story short...Jeremiah had a bout of blood tests over a 2 month period in Sheboygan and at Children's Hospital not sure what was going on.  It turned out to be Mono and he seems to be doing good and back to normal now.

Jeremiah had a great first day.  I always get so sad leaving him there by himself but he was excited and had fun.  Gabe keeps asking for him at home though.  Not sure about this new transition.  We have prayed for the teacher and her family.  We have prayed for his school year and the students.  We have prayed and asked God to allow him to be His hands and feet in the classroom and all throughout the school.  And we will continue to pray all those things.  

This school year is literally bursting with hope.  I cannot wait to see what  God all has planned.