Thursday, June 12, 2014

Left at 8:30 and didn't realize all the construction that was going on down in Milwaukee so we got there at 10:35 just a little late.  I always tell the kiddos to never be late so that was hard for me to do.  Checked in and waited 5 minutes and then we were in.  That never happens for us there or anywhere.   Weighed in and met the Dr. and her intern.  Great lady.  Chief of the ENT department.  She looked at Olivia and felt quite a few lymph nodes under her chin, her throat and other parts of her neck finding more little lumps that I never felt or saw.  Then she felt the one on her neck/collarbone area which was bigger than the other ones.  It was double in size.   The Dr. thinks it is just swollen lymph nodes but she is not sure.  The good thing she said was that it was movable and there was no funkiness going on by the skin or any other symptoms of concern. They told me that Olivia is at a higher risk now after Dave's cancer which makes sense but is scary too.  The problem is she said that some kids do not show signs of anything if it is some sort of cancer or something else.  She said if it was lymphoma the lump would be  more in the front, down from your chin. That wasn't the case at all.  While she was checking her ears and everywhere else she noticed that there was a lot of scar tissue/damage in her ears so she wanted to do a hearing test.  So we moved to another room and away we go.  Olivia was great through everything. She was hilarious saying all these words out loud during the hearing test. Apparently she is borderline for a hearing aid in her right ear.  Really..never new she couldn't hear that well in that ear and Olivia never is one to ask for anyone to ask us to repeat anything or ask "what?" over and over. She actually listens better than most of the kids. They want to see her again in 2 months for her to get her neck checked and then yearly for her ears.  We just have to monitor her for any symptoms or problems and then go from there.
 Thank you for all of your prayers and continued love and support.