Monday, June 9, 2014


no packing lunches and getting out the door on time...just chillen
We’ve got nothing serious on our agenda just camping. Which is our favorite.  We may go ride bikes.  Or just play at the playground.  Hang out all day and do nothing. Who knows.  The world is at our finger tips.  Glad to be done with school.    My heart already feels a little lighter.  Although our summer is going to be big and fun, we just have a more weightless feel to us when we’re in the easy swing of summer.  Late nights and hopefully late mornings(like maybe they can sleep until 6am).  Swimming and park playing and movie watching.  Ice cream and cereal for dinner and momentarily cookie making. Pruney toes.  Water and sand all over my floors.  Wet hair and straight up bare feet.  Nothing really too pressing because it feels like we’ve got all the time in the world.  Longer, slower days.

this guy is so much fun..

he is trying to get the scooter..might just be my favorite picture

As soon as we finished school on Friday with the 2 big boys they ask if we can start next years books.  Are you kidding me.  I was ready to be done this year in May.  May was long.  They were getting restless and edgy with each other.  Love that Odin and Jonah have such an awesome relationship. We will always have the normal brotherly/sisterly bickering but I'm thankful for their love for each other.  Odin asked if he could read his history book from 2 years ago for his summer reading.  Weird kid! He is so like his dad and all.  I tell ya I have never learned so much about history like I have in these last few years homeschooling.  It has been so much fun.Now if I can remember it.  I have terrible comprehension. Like really bad.  I would be a terrible witness.
We don't do summer school or anything else that involves commitment.  Our kiddos do not play sports either.  They love to draw, craft, bake, serve at the homeless shelter and visit the elderly.  So we will be doing a lot of this daily. Love their hearts. Gabe just loves to be outside playing with sand and water.  Which makes it easy until you're ready to bring him in.  He holds onto the door or your shirt and will not let you come in.  The kid totally screams his head of.  

We  started the old Little House on The Prairie series and they rock.  We love their living style.  I would love to live like them! 

I take Olivia to Children's today to see the Dr. about her neck.  Please pray that it is just a lymph node that is enlarged and nothing more serious.