Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Special Father’s Day David!

Where do I start…I love you more than ever.  We are so blessed and I am so thankful you are here with us.  It makes me cry to think that you might not have been here.  Writing this makes me cry. This journey has taught me a lot about love.  Laughing more.   Crying more.    Holding each other more. Taking  the time for us more.  Giggling over simple moments and teasing about serious things in a light hearted kind of way. Some moments have been stumbling to get through but the grace of laughter and love always get us through.   I can see how cancer can destroy a family.  That is why the time we spend now- our healthy efforts in love- MATTER. The investment in love we make today matters in all of our tomorrow’s.  Suffering came.  Our love story was prepared to face it. This cancer drew our hearts nearer to one another and Jesus.  
Thank you for loving our kids in all their strange demands. Thank you for lying with them at night and tucking them in.  Even when you didn’t have energy to get up. Thank you for patiently teaching them. Thank you for constantly filling my empty gas tanks.  Thank you for protecting us. You are always so brave and strong.  Thank you for being compassionate and courageous in so many ways. Thank you for finding joy in the simple things. We love you.  Thank you for loving our kids with kindness when you don’t feel kind. Thank you for fighting for gentleness when everything in you doesn’t feel gentle.  Joy always returned quickly on your hard days.  God’s grace and forgiveness is so good.
 You are a gift to my heart. I love you!