Monday, May 5, 2014


Dave finished his radiation treatments 10 weeks ago and he hoped by this time he would feel a lot better but unfortunately he does not
Once or twice a week around dinner time Dave has been having flare ups in his throat that cause blisters which cover the inside of his cheeks, his tongue, and the back of his throat
His throat gets really raw and open sores form on his tongue
It is all extremely painful and a few times in the past week the episodes have been so bad it has brought Dave to tears
He winces every time he swallows not knowing if it will hurt
It's hard for the kids to see their Dad in so much pain
We thought the flare ups were related to something he eats but from what we have learned it is all part of the cells regenerating in his throat and mouth

Dave has asked fellow cancer patients on a cancer survivor network for help and advice
Most of them tell him to get on some prescription painkillers but Dave doesn't want to go back on heavy medications, especially strong prescription medications
Besides he cannot work as a police officer while taking heavy duty medications

His weight goes back and forth
He'll gain a few pounds but then lose it when he has a bad flare up
it's hard to eat with a mouth full of open sores and blisters but he takes his "magic mouthwash" which numbs his throat enough so he can still manage to eat at least one big meal a day
He has been getting more exercise and does not get as tired as he used to
From what we have learned everything Dave is going through is totally normal which is a relief but it is still very tough to deal with and to have such intense pain come and go is hard for Dave
Even so, Dave still said he is not angry
People have asked him "Are you mad at God?" Most people know he is a Christian so people ask him questions about his faith all the time. It seems a lot of people like to test our faith
Dave responds quickly saying that he has never once been angry with God or even asked God "Why?" he got cancer
we chose to not waste his cancer.
Dave knows full well that God has a purpose and God wants Dave to learn from this pain and to grow stronger in his faith
We believe that God will use Dave and our whole family for some unknown purpose to help others. We know this and we patiently wait for God to show us his plan and purpose
The journey is long and painful. It has been tough on our family and we've been through struggles we have never imagined possible.

Through it all we still choose Joy
We know God has a purpose and we embrace his awesome love
Dave is on fire for the Lord right now and we are loving it 
We know God did not give us the spirit of fear but of Power, Love, and Self Control
Dave just wishes that would all come with a little less pain and that his recovery would go just a little faster
Thank you for your continued love and prayers.
Love Wins!