Thursday, May 1, 2014

Legos and Looming
we have been doing a lot of building here at the Funk's the past few weeks.
The boys and I are putting some of their sets and Olivia's sets together to sell at our rummage 
It has been very tiring digging for Lego pieces every where in this house
so one night I got so obsessed with finding this big roof piece for one set 
I tore the whole upstairs apart in 2 hours
I moved beds, took all their clothes out of the dressers and refolded it and looked under in and out of everything
The next day I find the grey piece sitting in the grey box
I seriously think one of my kiddos just set it there
they told me that night that I have become a little obsessed with selling these Lego's
we are always trying to simplifying this house
less is better

It is hard to find one little piece when you have thousands of them
because that is all every kid practically asks for, for birthdays and Christmas.
My mom so nicely sorts them by color
bless her heart
Lego's in this house are never ending
 coming up with their own creations is the best
Gabe does a pretty good job at bringing us all the little Lego's that are left on the floor
 instead of eating them

Olivia's always has something to do with baby animals
vet stuff, zoo's or random craziness going on
you never know with this one

Odin was studying about the Alamo

The kiddos and I have been making bracelets like madmen over here
random people kept bringing us new colors so we just kept making away
They love making them for people right now
As you can see Jonah is my only bracelet junkie over here
just like his mom

He is also sporting some new glasses
He hasn't needed a new pair since he was 3/4
i never realized how much and how many pairs of frames there were
my gosh are they expensive when you don't have insurance
He did the picking and he loves them
cool dude

Gabe is something else
into everything
he loves to attack you when you are on the floor
we still have all the chairs to our table in the living room or by the patio door.
As soon as you get up he bee lines for your seat
he loves to be at the table with everyone else right now.
he empties every cubbard and loves to dump out anything
give him a crayon and he will color, eat it or color on the walls
give him a broom and he will sweep or knock everything of your counters with the handle
he has been having these little tantrums when you take something away from him
doing the whole arched back and all
the other 4 never did that
something new for us
he's even willing to bite you if you don't do what he wants
the other kiddos keep asking why he screams so much when you take something away
love how it breaks their heart to see him cry
he is such a joy
happy May 1st!