Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful things
love notes  from Jeremiah
this is a lot because he doesn't like to write 
totally different than the other bunch

I love when all these kiddos pass out when we have friends over
 it's way past their bed time
 hard fun though

this little dude loves play dough
I love those chubby wrists and chubby fingers

these 2 big boys that constantly love taking Gabe outside
they have always wanted Gabe to come by their legs and tug on them
they wanted Gabe to choose them since he was a baby
now Gabe brings his shoes and coat to them anytime of the day
ready to go out
I have to say most of the time they take him out
when they come in though
look out because Gabe throws a fit

know that you are loved

Olivia washing Gabe's feet
can you feel her love and excitement
Gabe has no idea what is going on
he is like her big doll or something

the kiddos love playing Wi with daddy
for some reason they get so sweaty jumping around and acting crazy
it becomes a workout for them
too much for Gabe after he spilled water all over his pants

Have a great Monday!