Thursday, April 24, 2014

day to day
Gabe was doing some cooking
apron and all
he loves to be on the counters helping

making lots of messes
he likes to open our junk drawer and take most of it out and play
we always try to organize our junk drawer but we still have one

we have been enjoying the nice weather lately
riding bikes, running around and having sword battles
the kiddos are so excited to be outside
now if we can just get rid of these colds

this guy loves hats
ya tell him to grab one and he is on it.

everyone in this house tends to read while they eat except me
sometimes they forget they are eating and will keep reading

Gabe is helping me make our weekly chocolate chip coffee cake
he loves to pick out the chocolate chips as fast as he can

he loves to swing with (my mom) nanee
always tends to get a little sleepy

having good friends over and hanging out

hope all of you are having a great week
keep praying for Dave's blistering to stop
he has been having a hard time with anything he eats lately
the blisters seem to come with any food that goes in.
he just wants to eat

We are also getting ready for our charity rummage in May
the Kiel City wide
We have over 30 families that have donated items 
we have been going through everything 
getting rid of anything worn and pricing it all
money will be put into our adoption/mission account
This will be our 6th
We will be serving food and having a bake sale again too!
Thank you for all of your love and support!