Tuesday, April 22, 2014

another week

Dave did really well this past week at work.  It was his first full week back at the PD in uniform.
He said it felt really good to be back but that a lot of people didn't recognize him at first due to all the weight he lost and not having his beard anymore. Some people looked at him but then had to read his name badge and were actually surprised to see it was him.
Everyone was very nice but a few people made some odd comments. One guy said "Nice to see you. I heard you were dead." Who says that to someone? Only in a small town I guess. Dave just laughs and said "Nope, not yet. Sorry to disappoint you."
His throat still bothers him. It comes and goes. A lot of it depends on what he eats so Dave is experimenting with different foods. We figured out that anything with a spice in it or vinegar causes him a lot of pain. His mouth breaks out in little clear blisters. They look like those blister rolls used to mail things in a box and cover the back of his throat. It looks awful and Dave's eyes fill with tears when it happens which is about once a day. He has a list started of what he can and cannot eat. The cannot eat list is a lot longer but we hope in few months he will have fully healed and can get back to a normal diet. Looks like eggs, toast and cheese quesadilla's it is.
Besides the mouth blisters and sore throat he feels OK. He said his muscles ache by the end of the day but this too will take time and he understands that. Dave has been doing his exercises and each week he plans to do a little more and build up his strength again.

Since they removed the lymph nodes on one side of his neck, the doctors told him that he might have fluid build up in his neck. Earlier in the week that happened really bad. Dave had t-shirt on under his bullet proof vest but it was too tight on his neckline. The fluid backed up and by the end of the day he had a big lump under his chin. Dave said he looked like a "mutant turkey". It took a few hours and massage to get it back to normal but he will no longer be wearing that brand of under shirt for his uniform. Looks like Under Armour is the best kind of t-shirt for him.
Continued thanks for all of your prayers and blessings. Every week he feels better and stronger and we know it is because of God's love and the prayers for his health.

this guy tried his first donut this week

hope you all had a wonderful Easter
thank you for the continued love and support