Wednesday, April 9, 2014

date with my girl

It's been a long time since we have taken the other 2 kiddos(the public school kids)
on a date.  We try to every month but with everything going on it just never worked out.  Odin and Jonah are always with us so that is totally different.  Olivia and Jeremiah never know what we do all day long! Hee Hee...We try to at least spend some quality one on one time with them and make things cheap and simple.  We are thrifty and simple people here.
Olivia always wants to go roller skating.  She loves it, just wish there was a roller rink closer instead of having to drive to Appleton.  The music is usually stuff we don't allow them to listen to but we just skate to the beats and once in awhile they throw Brit Nicole or  Toby Mac  in there.    She light up when they do this.  They had a lot of birthdays there this time.  There was this big family skating together behind us at one point.  The husband had made a few remarks to us a couple times as we passed.  I just said yes and nodded.  Kind of like when your kids are talking to you and your not really listening and you say yes to something you never recalled saying yes too.  The kids are getting good at this.  Sometimes they trick me and know I am  totally not  listening to them.  So we are skating along and all of a sudden this guy is behind us again and we here OH GOD!  We look back and he is on the floor.  So we decided to go around one more time.  I was  kind of scared of this guy.  He was totally on some kind of drugs and acting crazy the whole time he was there.  His family was out there by then too.  To make a long story short, they wheeled him of the rink in a wheelchair and he broke his femur.  Crazy!
Olivia looked at me while we were skating after all the hoopla and says
mom, I think we should pray for that scary man.  
She cracks me up. 
 Her prayer every night starts out like this
your an awesome God
keep rockin on
keep making miracles happen
love this girl

we ran to Hobby Lobby to return something and she wanted to push the cart. So happily she is cruising along, and ya know how small those carts are at HL.  Seriously small...
She decides to run as fast as possible down the isle and put her feet up on the foot part of the cart and hold on and go for a ride....well she tipped the cart over her head and it landed on her like a laundry basket.
Like this...

I totally wish I had a camera phone then.  I was tempted to ask the lady by us to take a picture  and email it to me.  It was seriously priceless.  
That is how she rolls...